"Missing the Music" Set of Two Prints - Music Tribute

"Missing the Music" Set of Two Prints - Music Tribute

"Missing the Music" is a set of two Limited Edition prints, taken from my original artwork that are tributes to bands, musicians and perormers who have been so negatively impacted by the Pandemic by being unable to perform LIVE.  Only 50 prints of each piece are available and are being sold as a set and individually.


The first piece is entitled, "Deafening Silence" and is a representation of when all LIVE music was forced to stop.  The original painting of this piece is currently available in the Canvas section of this website.


The second piece is entitled, "LIVE Again" and is a look to the future when we can all celebrate music the way it was meant to be.  Congregating to hear our favorite bands, pounding the the amplifiers and dancing to the vibrations in our feet.  The original of this piece has already sold.


Both pieces in this set are printed on 12x16 high quality paper and are perfect for framing.  Both pieces will be signed and numbered.  Pieces purchased as a set will also have matching numbers, if possible.


Pieces that are bought individually will decrease the number of sets available. Prints will ship flat to prevent creasing and damage.