The Lost Planet Collection

The "Lost Planet" Collection is a collection of acrylic poured pieces, created to allow the imagination to run free with possibilities of what might be "out there".  Produced on repurposed, 12 inch vinyl records, as well as a series wood coaster sets, the far away worlds of the "Lost Planet" Collection will bring fiction into your reality.


Derath Sot Ankatoid - The Diamond Planet

Derarth Sot Ankatoid, which literally means "Planet of Diamonds" is a peaceful world where life is good for all.  There is no hunger, no war and no division of class.  All are equal and strive to stay that way.  The "Diamonds" in the name refers to all the crystal clear oceans which reflect as if millions of diamonds were beneath.


Nadgania - The Ghost World

The Ghost World of Nadgania is not for the faint of heart.  Tortured souls of the less than savory type are sent here to spend all eternity.  While absolutely stunning to look at, erupting volcanos and ever changing, stormy weather patterns keep the souls from ever leaving.


Daaka Beta - The Green Planet

Daaka Beta breeds life of many forms.  Plants, creatures and even intelligent life.  In addition to having an atmosphere similar to that of Earth, Daaka Beta also has many mountains and valleys, rivers and large oceans.



Porcon - The Fire Planet

The only place hotter than planet Porcon is the sun itself.  With it's fire winds and perpetual heat storms, the colors it gives off are almost mesmerizing....



Cyeran - The Dark Planet

Named for its being forever in darkness, Cyeran is a planet lined with seedy creatures and questionable Black Market dealings where only the meanest and undesireables would dare visit.  They also have a great Froyo place.


Munania Banovi - The Desert Planet

Munania Banovin doesn't have much more than sand and rock.  However, the colors and patterns it shows from space are beyond compare.


Guntarius 279 - The Undiscovered Planet

At the very end of the solar system, lies "Guntarius 279", the Undiscovered Planet.  Aptly named, due to the inability to reach it for exploration.  No one knows the mysteries and wonders it may hold.



Nados - The Rock Planet

Nados is a hard place for anyone or thing to live, given it's made mostly of solid rock.  Still, beautiful to look at.  Add to that the regular occurrences of

un-survivable storms and landslides, why would you want to live here.